Hi Bass players,

I finished my Bachelor on the Jazz double bass in 2009 at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Before that I was studying electric Bass in Vienna.
Teaching the bass, contra and electric, always was part of me and I gained quite some years of experience in that.

“What should I practice in order to become better and reach my goals!?”

In all this years of studying, preparing and playing concerts in many different styles, I faced many of these problems of where to start my exercises, with what, how, for how long, why.. and so on..
I was lucky to be studying with great teachers, who taught me how to spend the little time that’s left (besides working and family..), in an effective way.

So if you want to learn how to slap, play this funky Jaco licks, find out about Fly's (Chili Peppers) hip bass lines or you where wondering about how to play a beautiful walking line on the double bass on one of your favorite Jazz standards or you always wanted to be able to play a solo whenever it is your turn, you just let me know and drop me a mail or call me! Anytime, any day.
Music has no closing time! :)

My lessons are based on your wishes, based on your goals nurtured with my knowledge of solving problems, which might pop up on the way to your performance!

I am the current bass player of:
• Bag Of Bones (Rock-Blues)
• Elco Jongkind Trio (Jazz-Rock, Jazz, Worldmusic..)
• Wojtek Justyna (Jazz-Funk)

In the past years I played with:

Jamal Thomas is known as the drummer of MACEO PARKER, The SOS Band and many more

The Blues Hunters

Robin Brock (known from the 'Golden Oldies)

Jon Tarifa

Soo Cho

Lee Harper
Lee Harpers little Big Band

Just to name a few.

Feel free to contact me:
Lessons are held in DUTCH, ENGLISH or GERMAN in The Hague.

Enjoy playing music!!



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